PEACE in the Country

Here are a couple of peace organizations coming out of Germany:

Bonn International Center for Conversion available here:

This NGO does a lot of work in peace and conflict studies, they believe that by promoting peace and development are necessary precursors to being able to transform conflict and build a true security.  They not only do research, but they also provide training and do outreach.

Another big NGO is Heinrich Boll Stiftung available here:

This group is part of the green political movement focused on: ecology, sustainability, democracy, human rights, gender equality, self-determination and justice. Basically, they consider themselves a green think tank.

PEACE with a Piece of Food

We made a lovely meat dish tonight with my German hosts Annette and Sacha.  I have tried several times to pronounce this correctly but have been unable to thus far, hopefully someday because it was delicious!  Enjoy!


Frikadellen (Meat patties with mustard)

500 g ground beef

2 cloves of garlic minced

1 onion chopped into small pieces

1 tsp cumin

3 tbsp parsley chopped

1 egg

1/2 dried baguette

1 tsp paprika

salt and pepper to taste


First, take the 1/2 baguette and soak in water, then drain and set in a bowl.  Now, mix together the meat, bread, onions, parsley, cumin, garlic, egg, paprika and salt and pepper.  Make sure to blend well.

Next, form small patties from the meat.  Begin pan-frying with oil and cook until browned like in the picture.  And that´s all, though my host told me it MUST be eaten with a good mustard, otherwise it is simply not German.  It is good served with a cucumber salad and a potato side.  Enjoy!



I got lucky with these pics because our friend is a great photographer and helped me out!

IMG_7929                                     IMG_7944 IMG_7962                                     IMG_7968 IMG_7974                                     IMG_7970

I felt bad, my host Annette has not eaten meat for                                            And of course of German toast!

a very long time, but she insisted that any good German

food has meat in it.  She loved every bite!


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