PEACE with a Piece of Food



2  1/2 cups white rice  (make sure to wash rice before cooking)

200g smoked salmon

2  1/2 tbsp rice vinegar

2 tsp sugar

1 avocado

soy sauce

wasabi (optional)

3 eggs

1 lemon

Cook rice after washing.

Then, heat vinegar and add sugar, do not bring to a boil, only heat slightly and to dissolve sugar.  Set aside, add to rice once rice is cooked.  After mixing rice and vinegar/sugar put in refrigerator for rice to cool.

Mix the eggs in a bowl, then scramble.  Make sure to get as small of pieces as possible.  My host also added a bit of sugar to the eggs, but this is optional.

Next, place plastic wrap on bottom of glass pan, cover and have hanging over sides.

Next, place salmon in a thin layer on the bottom. Follow this with a thin layer of rice.  Now, make a thin layer with the eggs, followed by another layer of salmon.  Then, place another thin layer of rice on the top.  Next, you will push the whole thing down with something flat.  (We used a flat spatula).

Now, you will “flip” the dish onto a larger platter so the bottom salmon will be on top. Remove the plastic wrap covering the oshizushi. Place circular slices of lemon over top and serve.

Absolutely delicious! Cut and serve with soy sauce or soy sauce/wasabi mixture if you want a kick.

DSC01797 DSC01798

My host Haruka, always a smile on her face.





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