Theoretical Concepts

In the Intercultural Seminar of the Peace Masters in Castellon, we are presented weekly with new forms of research, interesting case studies and a variety of topics and theoretical applications.  “Cooking Peace by Piece” aims to spread peace through sharing a piece of food, but I also want it to be a resource where one can find peace projects happening all over the world as well as showing the practical application in the form of this project of theoretical concepts.

Here are some of the theoretical concepts that were presented in seminars that inspired this project:

Music and Peace 

 This seminar helped spark the idea in me that peace can be found in many ways.  Andrea presented a project, which used music to not only transform conflict but also create peace and more peaceable students.  The idea that peace is made through peace treaties or simply diplomacy is an obviously outdated idea, and I loved the idea that creating small pieces of peace can be even more meaningful than what governments are doing.

Environmental Degradation and Marginalization

You’ll see a good amount of focus throughout my blogs of environmental peace groups from around the world.  Being that Nantisara’s seminar was devoted to biodiversity and the environment, I focused the Thailand blog in particular on the environment.  Another one of my hosts, George, has often talked of environmental degradation and marginalization in Nigeria, so I also focused this post on environmental NGOs

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development was also presented in two seminars, and it also happens to be my thesis topic.  For this reason I have really focused the United States post on sustainable development projects.

Strategic Nonviolent Action

As well, it should be noted that the “Korean Cooking Peace by Piece” highlights a lot of the concepts in nonviolent strategic action in regards to North Korea that were presented in my seminar entitled: “Unraveling North Korea”.


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